How to Plan & Host Amazing Meetings Remotely using Microsoft Teams

How to Plan and Host Amazing Meetings Remotely - ClearIT Academy (1)

Hosting a meeting remotely should make it easier to collaborate with more people. So why does it often feel like the opposite is true?

By now you've probably learned the fundamentals of joining and participating in remote meetings. The problem is most people still feel a little lost when it comes to planning and hosting productive remote meetings.  

How do you keep barking dogs and messy backgrounds from dominating the discussion? How do you break out into smaller groups for more focused discussions and then return to a larger group? How do you take meeting notes and make them accessible to other participants?

Join us for this training webinar at 11am on Thursday, January 20th to learn the ins and outs of planning, hosting, and running remote meetings using Microsoft Teams so you and your team can feel more organized and productive.

Hosted by our CEO, Tyler Smith.